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Wedding Reception Style

Design, Mood and Color

When you are planning your wedding reception you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make it fun and entertaining as well as fashionable and stylish. This can be done by taking care of the simplest details like the cake, the centerpieces, and even the dishes and table settings at the wedding reception. Wedding Style is Key!

Here are a few tips to help any wedding reception planner put together a good reception, effectively bringing style and color into the reception while keeping the mood up in the room.

1. Select Colors Carefully
When you are looking at all the various flowers and colored decorative items for your wedding and wedding reception, you want to be careful of the colors that you select. If you are not too good at the color thing, donít fret because it is not as big of a deal as you think it is. If all else fails, pick a color that you know brings out your eyes or the color of your hair, and find a shade above or beneath that as a complementary shade, perhaps even both. That way, you donít have to worry about matching everything exactly and there is freedom to be a little off in exact shade as long as the colors are in the same general hue as one another.

2. Centerpieces Bring It All Together
Think about the last formal affair that you attended, whether it was a formal dinner at a restaurant or ceremony, at a wedding, or even your senior prom. Do you remember the centerpieces? If so, it is probably because the decorator took care with the centerpieces. Centerpieces are a great way to bring all the individual style and theme elements of a wedding together. Whether Spring, romance or even a certain color is the overall theme of your wedding, your centerpiece can effectively help to convey it.

Some of the most lovely wedding reception centerpieces are made with the same flowers that were used in the bridal bouquet and/or in the wedding ceremony. This is a great way to tie the wedding and the reception together as well, and if it is in the right setting these centerpieces can certainly make a very bold statement sitting in the middle of a table full of stuffed full, half-wine tipsy wedding guests.

3. Remember: YOU Set the Mood
Remember that it is your wedding, and your wedding reception and much of the mood of the reception can be controlled. If you want a fun, lively atmosphere then serving rich chocolate cake and alcoholic beverages might be a better idea. If you know you are having a lot of young people at your wedding reception and you want to keep it more family-oriented, try having your wedding reception in the daytime and stay away from alcoholic beverages at the reception.

4. Have Enough Seating, and Make Use of It
Having enough places for everyone to be able to sit and eat is a great way to promote a positive atmosphere at your wedding reception. The last thing that is going to be conducive to a good wedding mood is to have people fighting over a comfortable place to eat, so if you invite ten people make sure you have seating enough for ten people and their guests; the same goes for if you invite a hundred guests to your reception--be prepared to accommodate them all. This way, everyone will be in good spirits and as comfortable and happy as can be (especially if they are being fed), so you will be having the time of your life on the happiest day you will be able to remember in no time.

5. Consider Your Gear
When you are looking to achieve a certain mood at your reception, be sure to consider attire. If you want a casual atmosphere, people probably will not be feeling too casual in their formal wedding clothes, so giving them time to go home and change between the ceremony and the reception is a good way to add to this peaceful atmosphere.

If you want a stiffer, more formal atmosphere the bride and groom should be dressed in their formal wedding gear and so should the guests; such a wedding reception should immediately follow the ceremony, and probably should not run into all hours of the night like more casual wedding receptions tend to do.

6. Most Importantly, Have FUN!
If you want to have the type of atmosphere at your wedding that will help make it into the type of day you wonít soon forget have fun and bring some liveliness into things. Style can be fashioned, but mood has all to do with how people feel and how much they are enjoying themselves, so be sure to pay close attention to the details and then when it comes time for the party, let them go.


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