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It is arguable which one is more important to the bride and groom; the wedding ceremony or the wedding reception. Of course, the ceremony is where rings are exchanged and vows are taken, but it is at the wedding reception when the new bride and groom actually have the chance to converse with the people who loved and cared for them enough to attend both their wedding and their reception.

Of course, it is natural for any bride and groom to want to have the best, most stylish wedding reception that is humanly possible and that is fine. Here are a few tips on how to bring some style into your wedding reception, with a great finish.

1. Try Out A Wedding Reception Theme
The easiest way to bring style into a wedding reception is to have a central focus, and the best way to achieve this focus is to implement a theme into the wedding reception. Ideally, the wedding reception theme should be something that adds to the romance of the whole idea and that usually isnít hard to accomplish. After all, weddings are naturally romantic but there are certain themes that can really hit that particular theme home. Think along the lines of Venice in the Spring or the Gods of Love. With a few good centerpieces and other key decorations you can really broadcast your theme and bring some true style into your wedding reception.

After you have a theme, be sure to center everything that you possibly can around that theme. If you have servers, try to dress them in apparel that conveys the theme somehow, and the same can go for the bride and groom. If you are going for a black and white theme, have everybody wear black and white to the reception and be sure to do so yourself. There are so many ideas and so many things that you can implement to bring your theme together and good centerpieces, decorations, and server costumes are just the beginning!

2. Location, Location, Location!
Location is everything when it comes to a stylish wedding reception. Even if you donít have as much budget as you wish you had to create the stylish wedding reception that you are so deserving of, your location can make all the difference when it comes to your wedding reception. Whether your reception is located in a private garden or a sandy beach somewhere, your location can really make or break the style of your wedding reception in ways that you never imagined before. A good location is worth more than the most expensive wedding reception designer that money can possibly afford. You wonít remember the place settings, you wonít remember the name of the florist and you definitely wonít remember the name of your caterer, but you will remember the beautiful location of your wedding reception for years upon years to come.

3. Be the Bartender--Or Hire Someone Else to Do It!
While your wedding reception guests probably already determined that there was going to be some type of liquor served at your wedding reception, but a stylish bar is one of the best things you can do to bring some style and sophistication to your wedding reception. Most people like to drink, and having a stylish bar at your wedding reception with bartenders who are skilled at their profession and can make any drink under the sun is a great start.

If you can find a specific drink to tie to your wedding reception that is another way to bring some true style into your wedding reception. Pink frosted martinis with umbrella straws in them would go very nicely with a luau themed wedding reception, donít you think? At the same time, clear vodka and dark liquor go very nicely with black and white themed wedding receptions as well. Having an open bar is one thing, but having specialty drinks being served by your waiters is a great way to really drive your theme home and bring some true style and sophistication into any wedding.

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