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Choosing Wedding Flowers

that are RIGHT for you!

Selecting the perfect wedding flower sounds like it would be easy enough, but when it comes down to it wedding flowers are much more important than most people would like to admit to, especially the bride. Flowers may be a girl thing, but then again weddings are kind of a ‘girl thing’ as well, so flowers are understandably important. There are so many things to consider like what colors will look best, what will be in season and what flowers will be appropriate and even people’s allergies have to be taken into consideration as well.

Here are three of the more popular flower choices that can make it into just about any wedding if all else fails:

If you are having a summer wedding and are looking to bring the epitome of romance into your wedding ceremony by way of your flowers, roses are the perfect fit for any such desire. They come in so many colors, including red, white, yellow, pink, and more but even traditional red roses would work at any summer wedding, bringing in such a dramatic and deep color and a traditional more somber flower will certainly make people sit up and take notice.

Carnations are often regarded as the cheap man’s wedding flower but this is not always so. Carnations can be just as expensive as any other wedding flower out there, and they do come in a variety of colors, as they are easily dyed through the stems. However, carnations do not always last as long as many of the other flowers that could be chosen for a wedding, and they certainly lack the dramatic effect that some people are looking for in regards to good wedding flowers.

Gardenia flowers have always been rather popular wedding flowers and for two main reasons: they are rather plain in color and can be easily accented with other pieces of foliage for a dramatic look and they emit a heavy, musky aromatic scent from them that is perfect for wedding, especially an outdoor wedding. Some people pay extra to have heavily scented roses at their weddings, but hydrangea is naturally a very aromatic scent, bringing a hint of romance and freshness into any wedding. They come in a larger and smaller variety, but they are quite fragile flowers so care must be taken with them at all times if they are to look their v very best.

Choosing a florist sounds easy enough, but if you care enough about your wedding and how it turns out you will be able to see that you can’t just choose any old florist. Not every florist is able to put together the lovely bouquets that you have always dreamed of, and not every florist has the ability to take the careful amount of care with your flowers as is needed to make the most immaculate arrangements that are so necessary in order to bring together any wedding.

The best way to find a good florist is to ask around. If you have been to a wedding recently and you happened to enjoy the floral arrangements there, ask the bride or groom for a recommendation and see how they liked working with that florist. Friends who have already been through their weddings know the drill, and they know how difficult it can be to find a florist who is easy to work with and does what you want without charging your future children’s’ college fund for some flowers that won’t even live for a week. Make sure to start looking for your florist early and book them well in advance, especially if you are planning a summer wedding as this is the peak season.

If you need more guidance in your flower selection process, know that your florist is going to cost you a bit more than you probably anticipated. A great deal of their time is spent putting the arrangements together and designing the various bouquets, centerpieces and other floral arrangements for your wedding so it is only fair that you should at least be able to put in some decision making work as far as what type of flowers to pick. Bottom line: the more guidance you need, the more your floral services are going to cost you for your wedding.

As much as you will want to splurge on your wedding flowers and the celebrity florist that Jennifer Aniston may or may not have used at her wedding, consider your budget and be realistic about it. If the flowers cost too much, they simply cost too much and if the florist is too pricey you have to accept it as so. Don’t hurt your wedding budget on flowers; no matter how important they may be in your eyes, your guests may not remember the flowers when they remember your wedding but they will remember a beautiful dress and bride, a handsome groom, great food and amazing reception entertainment. Be wise where you put your wedding dollars and how you do your budget, or it gets all too easy to splurge.


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