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Since your wedding is probably one of the most important days of your life, itís essential that you take every little detail into consideration. A bride-to-be will often spend a good portion of her time and energy going over her dress and other bridal accessories for the ceremony. Once you begin to walk down the aisle, there is no going back, so itís essential that your groom and all your guests see you at your best and most elegant. Discover unique bridal hair accessories and discount bridal accessories right here...

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The possibilities are really endless.
You and your groomís overall style is what will ultimately command the attire and look of you and the wedding party. Itís important to get that detail out of the way up front. Ask yourself some questions and donít be afraid to write things down, we canít possibly remember everything all the time! What is the look youíre going for? Have you always dreamed of a traditional princess wedding? Or do you prefer a more contemporary modern flare? Once these are answered, we can move on to the more intricate details.

What jewelry you wear is very important. Will it be something old? Will it be something new, borrowed, or blue? A great way to eliminate your something old or borrowed is to take your mom up on those beautiful earrings your grandmother gave her to pass down to you. Another option for jewelry is to check out your friendsí jewelry boxes, maybe their moms passed down some great jewelry. Keep in mind itís sometimes customary for the bride and groom to exchange gifts the day of the wedding and the groom will often give his wife a nice piece of jewelry to go along with the engagement ring and wedding band.

If youíre planning a conventional wedding ceremony or a contemporary one with a traditional flare, you may have considered a veil. Veils come in all different materials and lengths and can be worn long for a traditional and innocent look or short for an innovative twist on a customary practice. If you have short hair, a shorter veil with an ornamental barrette to hold it in place could be just the element youíre looking for to spice up your wedding. Longer, more delicate veils tend to portray a more traditional look and often end up giving you a very soft and innocent look. This look is very suitable for someone with long hair pulled back and fixed with a tiara. Usually, the veil has two pieces; one covering the face and the other falling below the up-do to hang down your back.

The accessories you are adorned with during the ceremony and reception are sometimes more eye-catching than your actual gown. If youíve decided on a simply styled gown with a full skirt and cathedral train, a unique and elegant option is to use a diamond littered antique broach to pin up your gownís bustle. If you need to be budget conscious, there are lots of costume jewelry options that will look just as nice. This will give you minimal flare and customize your dress with little effort. Broaches are really coming back into style and they can be worked in other ways as well. If you have your grandmotherís antique broach, and you are looking for a fresh idea, have it turned into a beautiful barrette for your hair!

Satin gloves are another option for both the contemporary and the traditional style weddings. Many women are choosing a shorter gown with a very full skirt and dressing it up with satin or lace gloves. This gives you the white ďgownĒ of well known weddings but with a more modern design and hem line. Such styles do not require ornate accessories and, in fact, in this case, less is more. Stream-lined dresses look great with small and simple accessories such as hair pins with small sparkling beads or accents, simple drop earrings and a pendant necklace. If youíre going with the shorter dress, try kicking it up a notch with white fish net stockings and a white stiletto shoe.

Looking your best on your big day is the most important. Your make-up should be simple, if itís a daytime wedding, keep it neutral and bright, if your nuptials are in the evening, go with a smoky eye and more vibrant lip - something that compliments your skin tone and eye color. If there is one tip I can stress, itís go with the hair dresser youíve had since you were in high school. She knows your hair and what will look best on you, if you donít have one or arenít living near her, ask your friends. Donít be afraid to get references, many good hair stylists have portfolios or pictures of up-dos theyíve done in the past. If all else fails, ask the receptionist for the one who specializes in up-dos or special occasion hair styles.

The end result of your day is the bottom line. Donít sweat the small stuff, and donít hesitate to ask for advice. You donít get married every day, so itís impossible to have all the answers. Remember - youíre not alone in this, your friends and family may be your best resources for help. Even though itís a stressful time, it doesnít have to be an impossible task. Breathe, experiment and have a great wedding!

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