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Hot Honeymoon Destinations

After the mounting tension of finally walking down the aisle has subsided, millions of married couples will embark on their first romantic getaway together after matrimony in what is known as the 'honeymoon.' Throughout the world, an assortment of honeymoon destinations awaits a new husband and wife with plenty of opportunities to enjoy adventure, romance, relaxation, or complete excitement. Below you will find some of the more popular hot honeymoon getaways found right in your own backyard, as well as situated halfway across the globe.

The American Dream

Honeymooning within the United States allows couples to explore the rugged terrain of a romantic camping and hiking trip about majestic mountains to indulge in winter wonderland ski-trips tucked away in Aspen, Colorado. The fairytale honeymoon destination found in a Disney World getaway is where rip-roaring amusement park rides and an entreating fantasy land unfolds. Niagara Falls offers the soothing lull of the famous waterfall with hotels that have mastered the presentation of the heart-shaped Jacuzzi. Niagara on the Lake also provides a delightful and romantic stay about a wine-growing region.

Partying until the early hours of the morning with the allure of recouping some of the money spent on the wedding, a trip to Las Vegas is not only a popular place to marry, but also to honeymoon. Something for everyone is found here, as exciting live entertaining, luxurious hotels, inviting casinos, and classy restaurants are scattered about the city. Additional honeymoon hot spots within the United States, includes the Wine Country in California, the Poconos in Pennsylvania, and a Gulf Coast getaway, especially at Florida, Orlando, Palm Beach, and the Keys.

Hawaiian Delight

Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations because of the addicting weather and non-stop natural beauty about the land. Sun, surf, and turf collide in a satisfying blend of activities and attractions that help newlyweds create memories that last a lifetime. Today, many honeymoons take place on Lanakai Beach (Oahu), which has a reputation for producing some of the best sunsets. It is here that a highly scenic beach greets married couples interested in white sands, tropical plants, and infamous bird sanctuaries. Additional Hawaiian beach hot spots include Lahaina, Waikiki, Kaanapali, The North Shore, and Hookipa.

Mexican Resorts

Another fun-in-the-sun hot spot is Mexico, where hundreds of resorts cater to a wide range of budgets and personal preferences. Depending on the tourist season, you may grab a high-quality, high-class hotel for much less than expected. Plus, Mexico is very close to the United States so there is no wasting precious time traveling to your honeymoon destination. Mexico is filled with exciting locations, including Cancun, Acapulco, Cozumel, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta. Some of the best hotels in the region include Casa Del Mar Golf Resort & Spa, Westin Regina Puerto Vallarta, Westin Regina Puerto Vallarta, and Isla Navidad Golf Course, Marina & Resort.

Honeymoon on the Beach

One of the most romantic scenes associated with honeymoons often includes exceptional beaches situated throughout the world, especially in the Caribbean. Whether you settle on Hawaii or prefer a different approach, there are plenty of activities to consider, including snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and water-skiing. For instance, the Maldives Islands provides access to top-rated resorts, fun-filled fishing expeditions, intriguing underwater exploration, and satisfying weather conditions. About the world, you may also consider popular beach destinations, such as Crete (Greece), Culebra Island (Puerto Rico), Clifton beach (South Africa), Natadola Beach (Fiji), and Negril (Jamaica).

Hotel Room Luxury

Sometimes, staying at a luxurious hotel is just the thing to jumpstart a honeymoon. Some newlyweds have planned their romantic getaways based upon the hotel they wish to stay at. Depending on your budget, some newly married couples have decided upon staying at $1,000-per-night hotel rooms, while various presidential suites situated in some of the most extravagant accommodations in the world cost well over $10,000 per night. For example, Switzerland is home to the President Wilson Hotel, which offers views of the Alps and Mont Banc from private terraces.

Additional luxury hotel stays include the Coco Chanel Suite at Hotel Ritz (Paris), the Triplex Suite at the New York Palace, Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons (New York City), Presidential Suite at St. Regis (New York City), Presidential Suite at the Plaza (New York City), Peninsula Suite at the Peninsula (Hong Kong), Royal Suite at the Lanesborough (London, England), and the Royal Suite at Burj Al Arab (United Arab Emirates).

Safari Romantic Rendezvous

To enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and impressive explosion of wildlife, a safari getaway is quite popular with adventurous couples that wish to explore the ins and outs of Africa. While the Ulusaba Private Game Reserve in South Africa is considered one of the best places to catch sight of zebras, lions, and giraffes, additional suggestions include Victoria Falls Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe, Phinda Forest Lodge in South Africa, Ngong House in Kenya, Makweti Safari Lodge in South Africa, and Giraffe Manor in Kenya.

Get Pampered

Sometimes, newlyweds crave a little extra attention within an atmosphere that delivers relaxation and rejuvenation. Spa honeymoon packages are becoming increasingly popular over the years, as more and more people wish to gain an energizing experience regarding the body and mind. Some of the most popular destinations for this sort of romantic getaway include Miraval, Life in Balance (Catalina, Arizona), Mirbeau Inn and Spa (Skaneateles, New York), Red Mountain Spa (Ivins, Utah), The Spa at the Hotel Hershey (Hershey, Pennsylvania), and Sundara, (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin).


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